Beats Behind the Bags... October 2015

This month is the Jackson takeover ... I mean, really? -- what's the month of October without a little Jackson it in?   October's beats behind the bags -- the music inspiring us this month featuring our MiMi clutch: 

If we don't hear Michael Jackson any other time of the year (which we will), we will definitely hear him in the month of October.  With Halloween just weeks away, we had to add the King of Pop's "Thriller" to the rotation this month.  His sister, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty, is killing it on her Unbreakable Tour.  Janet is still sexy, in a classy and reserved way... she's giving us new sounds that we love.  "Burn it Up" and "No Sleep" both made it on our playlist this month.  And finally, you know those songs you hum all day long and can't seem to get them out of your head?  Well, here are two more... and they'll have you jamming into November! -- "Can't Feel my Face", The Weekend and "Locked Away", R City ft. Adam Levine.   We suggest you add these 5 songs to your rotation this month. #beatsbehindthebags #october